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Single-component foliar fertilizers in liquid and solid form.

Basfoliar + Solubor

Multi-component liquid fertilizers for foliar application.

EDTA chelates

Single-component fertilizers chelated with standard EDTA chelate, in solid and liquid form.

HBED chelates

Solid iron and zinc fertilizers chelated with innovative HBED chelate, for soil application.

DTPA chelates

Solid and liquid iron fertilizers for soil application.

IDHA Chelates

Single-component, solid and liquid fertilizers chelated with biodegradable IDHA chelate.

Solid calcium fertilizers

For foliar application, hydroponic and fertigation

Solid magnesium fertilizers

For hydroponic and fertigation

Solid and liquid chemicals

Wide range of chemical compounds offered as raw materials.

Own-brand products

A wide range of tailor-made fertilizers.